How to plan your first Europe Trip

A detailed instruction tool with tips on how to plan your first Europe Trip. Includes recommendations and overall cost idea.


Travel Diary: Paris Day 4 (in Retrospection) 

Day 4 in Paris was our last day and we had a lot to cover especially since we could not do much on day 3.  We started day 2 at Arc de Triomph and continued waking around Paris till late afternoon.  On our way we came across Champs Elysees (where we picked amazing bakery breakfast),…

Travel Diary: Paris Day 3

Our plan for day 3 was pretty exhaustive. But the places we visited were so great that we couldn’t rush through and we could complete only 2 out of 7-8 major attractions. We started with Louvre and saw about 1/3rd of the major attractions in about 3 hours. The museum is huge and the collection…

Travel Diary: Paris Day 1

After spending 2 days in somewhat warm sunshine in Nice, I am back in the cold European weather again. This morning we took a flight from Nice to Paris. While I plan to write about my visit to Nice a little later, I would certainly like to tell you about my first day in Paris….